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Del Valle Red Line is the main trademark before our consumers. Since its launching to the market, it has been characterized by being a breakthrough brand, due to the introduction of totally innovative packaging and bottling in its category, as well as because of its constant changing attitude for always offering the best option in Juices and Nectars.

Botellín, Generosa, Aluminio, Del Valle 200 ml, Valle Practic and Jumbo Practic         are the lines that are part of this brand.  ‘Botellin’ was the first juice, in its category, presented in an individual glass bottle; ‘Aluminio’, was also pioneer in the market and it offers the benefit of being an can that has no soldered joint, so, it doesn’t pollute its contents, and the juice doesn’t taste like tin.  It was also the first brand to use aseptic carton packaging as well as the practical hermetic sealed caps.  Each one of these varieties has won over the preference of its consumers with different profiles by offering a healthy choice according to their needs.


Botellín 250 ml
Generosa 415 ml
Aluminio 335 ml
TetraPack 200 ml, 1 Lt
Tetra Pack of 1.98 lt


Mango Nectar
Peach Nectar
Apple Nectar
Pineapple Nectar
Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Grape Juice





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